The future of car ownership.

RevvUp is building the future of car ownership with a D2C application that enables people to manage every part of the lifecycle. Because each household will own nearly 19 cars during their lifetime, having a smart solution to manage these assets is critical. Unfortunately, that doesn't exist today.

The tools and knowledge that people have today about car management is minimal. This can create massive economic difficulties for people, especially related to service & repairs.

Our first product is helping people dramatically change the way they approach financing car repairs. The $380B+ market of auto service is ripe for an overhaul.

This is not your usual startup trying to solve Silicon Valley problems — we are focused on providing elegant solutions to the outdated and underserved auto market. Every car owner needs a far better solution to have a more positive experience.

What makes our approach different than others? Simple, we focus on bringing in the best people and supporting them to do their best work. That's it. In the technology space where most tools/infrastructure are easily accessible, it means that our edge is our people.

Our Values

Make an impact

Everyone chooses to be here in order to make an impact. We achieve this by first going above and beyond in our role. But we don't stop there - we excel further with taking chances on big ideas supported by extensive research and testing. The result is a leap forward for our team, our customers, and this industry.

Ownership of our destiny

Independence and belief in ourselves to achieve our team goals is the path forward. Together as a team we can achieve amazing things. We're resourceful, set the bar high, and motivate each other. Doing all of this allows us to be in control of our destiny.

Trust and openness

We are always truthful and communicate that truthfulness both internally and externally. We are brave to do this especially when it's challenging. We admit our mistakes and learn from them. We are open with feedback. And we trust internal processes to help us achieve our goals.

Be curious and humble

Every one of our colleagues, customers, and prospects have something to offer and teach us. By being humble and constantly curious we not only better ourselves, but also create opportunities for our team to make a deeper impact on the industry.


We are passionate people who are proud of what we do every day. We show our passion through positivity. We create an infectious energy and spirit in our team.